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Downtown Library Garage

JE Dunn completed construction of a new 152,864-square-foot garage adjacent to the downtown Kansas City Library. An exterior treatment creates the illusion of a row of books, paying homage to great literary contributors of our time.

The parking garage includes space for 485 cars on five stories, four of which are above ground. Precast concrete, precast double-tee’s, and cast-in-place concrete make up the basic structural components. Aluminum panels were used for the ‘bookend’ effect with the panels being fastened to the vertical precasts. Each ‘book’ features a printed cover of 3M Scotchprint which was affixed to the aluminum panels.

Three sides of the structure utilize horizontal openings on each level, giving an open feel while maintaining a secured environment. The garage is flanked on two sides by glass-enclosed stairwells and an elevator. Other unique features include precast stairs designed to look like books lying on their sides, bricks creating a customized pattern, and a unique wrought iron handrail system mimicking earlier architecture.