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DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Headquarters

JE Dunn completed construction of a new design-build, two-story public safety headquarters facility for DFW International Airport.  This 130,000 SF, concrete tilt-wall structure supports multiple DPS department user groups including Police, Fire, Special Services, and Criminal Investigation.  Primary building function areas include a large cafeteria, state-of-the-art training rooms, briefing rooms, office space, classrooms, locker rooms, a fitness facility, records storage, secure evidence, and a property room. Also included is an 8,000 SF detention holding area with 12 cells for men and women, a faraday room, a sally port with interlocks, a central monitoring station with one-way glass, automated access control, and detainee interview rooms. There is one apparatus bay garage for SWAT and specialty vehicles, along with surface parking.

The DPS headquarters facility is a high-security building and demonstrates JE Dunn’s ability to successfully work with DFW Airport’s staff including the Design, Code, & Construction (DCC) Department and the Energy, Transportation & Asset Management (ETAM) Department, among others, in a secure environment.  This project is DFW Airport’s first design-build delivery and required extensive coordination with multiple user groups to balance each department wants and needs into the program while maintaining DFW’s original budget set for the project.  JE Dunn’s collaborative project delivery process allowed us to not only achieve this but also deliver a guaranteed contract price at early DD level of the design phase.

This project received the DFW Contractor of the Year award for outstanding contractor and safety performance and the Safety Milestone Achievement award from the DFW Airport Department of Public Safety.