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Des Moines Area Community College Student and Recreation Center

JE Dunn recently completed a new project for Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) in Ankeny, Iowa; just outside Des Moines. While the previous facilities faithfully served students for years, DMACC was ready to take the next step. Serving the whole of the community, the DMACC Student and Recreation Center comprises both a 77,000-square-foot activities center and an 88,000-square-foot recreation complex.

The activities complex features a food court, black-box theatre, and game room. Attached to the activities center, the recreation complex features various fitness facilities as well as a competition swimming pool.  Additionally, features of the project include a conference center, dance and exercise studios, a campus bookstore, classrooms, collaborative study spaces, and more.

Originally constructed in the 1970s, the new gymnasium and workout facilities will now be prepared to meet the growing Ankeny population, as well as the DMACC enrollment which is currently peaking at more than 15,000.