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City of Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center

The City of Tacoma’s Solid Waste Management Recovery and Transfer Center at the Tacoma Landfill is a great example of successful contractor coordination between the trades and scopes of work.

Effective schedule management allowed the owner to take occupancy one month early. The 83,590-SF Varco Pruden pre-engineered metal building uses a clearspan open web design. The City of Tacoma stated it is one of the largest bolted, clearspan buildings in Washington. The roof was built in 25-foot by 135-foot sections that each weigh 56,000 pounds. These were assembled on the ground, hoisted onto the frame lines using two cranes and assembled in place.

The open web design of the truss beam frames allows for HVAC ducts, wiring, sprinklers and lighting to be incorporated through the trusses. Through JE Dunn’s value engineering, the design provides enhanced light for better visibility, has prismatic strip skylights for daylighting and energy savings at no extra cost to the owner. The roofing system was also improved which extended the warranty.

The LEED Gold certified center has space to receive, sort and transfer solid waste, with an area to separate and recover recyclable materials from the waste stream. Extensive earthwork and methane piping was also installed as this project was placed on top of an existing dump site.