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City of Houston Fire Station 84

This new 15,500-square-foot fire station achieved LEED Silver certification and includes five bays housing fire and EMS apparatus. The facility provides open living quarters for approximately 16 firefighters per shift, including private Captain and Lieutenant quarters, a modern kitchen and lounge, an indoor/outdoor fitness area, and locker rooms and bathrooms, all designed in accordance with the approved program of requirements and the current Houston Fire Department Fire Station Design Manual.

Natural light is abundant throughout the facility, delivered to the interiors of the living and work spaces through large areas of glazing and a series of clearstory windows from above. Private outdoor spaces were created to allow for outdoor activities, including fitness, grilling, dining, and work-related activities. The palette of materials is consistent inside and out providing a balance of color, texture and scale. A number of lighting fixtures for the new facility are LED-based for longer life, less maintenance, and more energy efficiency. In order to better meet the heating and cooling needs of the new station, the new facility was designed to use a new energy efficient ground source heat pump system that is projected to cut energy costs in half.