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City of Buda Municipal Complex Public Safety and Parks Facilities

City of Buda Municipal Complex Public Safety and Parks Facilities


JE Dunn served as the Construction Manager-at-Risk for the City of Buda's Municipal Complex (City Hall, Library and Public Safety Buildings) and Parks Maintenance Building. These projects were part of the City of Buda's 2014 Bond Election Proposition.

The Parks and Maintenance Building includes offices, break areas, and service bays for the City of Buda. This is a steel-framed 3,000 SF building with a dedicated area to house City of Buda maintenance vehicles and materials and dedicated space of maintenance work.

Though not a Design-Build, JE Dunn’s approach to the project with Page Architects and the City of Buda was based on integrated project delivery, which JE Dunn provided as part of the preconstruction effort. It ensured that the scope, cost and budget were aligned for a strong start to construction. This integrated approach was key to solving issues that came up early in the project. During preconstruction, Central Texas was hit with substantial rain and flooding, which heavily impacted the Municipal Complex site. This led to reconsideration of the design and site layout, adding more time to our parecon and design phase. A drainage channel and box culvert in front of the building and raising the overall grade of the site were added to the scope. This solution was safe, effective, aesthetically pleasing, and didn't take away from the functionality of the complex.