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Centers for Disease Control Laboratory Buildout

A design-build project, this 34,700-square-foot, fourth floor build-out includes BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratory spaces, offices, and collaboration areas. Finish materials and detailing comply with cleaning and decontamination protocols, while seamlessly integrating into the existing facility.

An interstitial mechanical floor houses all mechanical components to support the laboratory and office functions. One dedicated AHU is provided for the laboratory component (100% outside air) and one AHU is dedicated to the office component. BSL-2 laboratory exhaust is provided through a central strobic exhaust fan, with supply and exhaust valve controls throughout for individual airflow measuring and pressure control on all labs. A dedicated exhaust fan and HEPA filter is provided to serve the BSL-3 laboratories with room pressure monitoring. The project is also LEED Gold Certified.