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Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Spire Renovation

JE Dunn was hired to renovate and perform structural improvements for the historic cathedral. Earthquake damage to the 100+ year old building included extensive cracking of brick, terra cotta and stucco. Many pieces of exterior stucco were dislodged. Damage was particularly acute on the two large spires. Forensic investigations found extensive damage to the underlying brick columns and many additional areas where stucco and terra cotta were loose and posed a risk to the public.

The restoration included removal of exterior layers of stucco and terra cotta, placement of structural steel reinforcement and wrapping arches and columns with carbon fiber mesh. Where possible, sections of terra cotta were resued but many areas had to be replaced. All glass was removed around the Rose Window. All windows in front and on the north and south sides were repaired, waterproofed, and painted.

In 2000, the firm completed a $7.2 million renovation to the cathedral that included a new slate roof, 1,100 new peices of exterior terra cotta, new marble work, refinishing of the wood pews, releading stain glass windows, and tuning of the pipe organ. Interior systems also were replaced, including heating, ventialtion, air conditioning, lighting, and sound.