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Avago Technologies

JE Dunn is currently providing phased construction services to expand Avago’s advanced manufacturing production capacity in Fort Collins, Colorado. Building 2 North East Expansion (B2NE) included the fast-track conversion of office space to clean room wafer manufacturing with 4,700 SF of ISO Class 6 clean room space, supported by 3,225 SF of chase space, designed to meet ISO Class 7 standards. The Building 4 West Annex Expansion (B4W4) is comprised of a 193,372 SF Core and Shell addition to an existing building. The Core and Shell was built out with 43,000 SF of clean room fabrication space. The building is designed to accommodate a build out of ISO-Class 6 in an open “ballroom” configuration and as an H-5 occupancy, with H-2 and F-1 accessory uses. The B4WA Central Utility Building houses the chiller room, the electrical room with mechanical mezzanine above, and the UPW room. The Gas Bay portion of B4WA is a single-story area, H-2 occupancy, on the south side of the building, which houses a generator room, gas bay room and receiving area for the loading dock. The Fab Level (53,590 GSF) consists of 35,000 SF of clean room, located in the northeast corner. The clean room area is designed on a cheese slab and a 24” raised access floor. The Fan Attic (53,590 GSF) is comprised of steel structure and catwalk providing free access to all mechanical equipment installed to support the interior clean room construction. Building 3 consists of a 141,644 SF warehouse, testing and office facility. It will also house office space to accommodate 200+ employees. The facility will include 20,000 SF of ISO-6/ISO-7 cleanroom space.