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Arvest Bank Data Center

Arvest Bank Data Center


The Arvest Bank Data Center is a 22-acre greenfield development with an overall square footage of 25,466 SF. The dual system load bearing precast and steel structure is F5 tornado resistant, with a dual layer storm resistant roof system atop a 6” reinforced roof slap. This Tier 3 data center houses 7,000 sf of white space, with 0.75 MW of 2N IT capacity at 110 watts/sf. The air cool condensing units are housed in a first of its kind exterior storm protected mechanical mezzanine, also designed to withstand F5 storms.  


The structure houses 30 full time employees and includes a kitchen and locker rooms.  Site development included preparation for a future mirrored duplicate data center, 25-foot security berm, security crash wedge barrier system, and crash protection rated structures at the buildings entrance. Offsite improvements included additional drainage culverts, street improvements and other surrounding infrastructure.