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3M Company

JE Dunn has worked with 3M on multiple projects throughout the United States. In 2019, we were the recipient of the company’s 2018 Supplier of the Year Award for Capital Projects. The majority of our work has taken place on the company’s manufacturing campus in Clinton, outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Clinton, Tennessee Campus

In Clinton, we have completed three projects. Project Junebug Phase I converted a 100,000 SF existing warehouse into a new adhesives manufacturing plant, with the CT1 project providing a renovation and expansion for a new manufacturing process within the same facility. The BFF Facilities project is a 30,000 SF new industrial processing and manufacturing plant. This work totals over $47.5 million.

Knoxville, Iowa Expansion

In Iowa, we recently performed a 35,800 SF manufacturing plant expansion and renovation. This project assisted 3M in incorporating a new manufacturing line in their tape and film facility. The project incorporates heavy industrial construction techniques, including deep foundation caissons, hardened concrete floors, structural steel framing and pre-insulated wall panels.

Brownwood, Texas Addition and Upgrade

JE Dunn expanded the production line inside this active 3M plant. The 29,000 SF build-out includes a steel mezzanine, helical piles, CMU block walls, process piping, and a rooftop air handler unit.

To further minimize impact on plant operations, JE Dunn participated in extensive pre-project coordination with 3M plant operations and project engineers. JE Dunn also constructed a 30’ temporary wall around the work area to prevent access, dust, and noise from effecting the plant’s normal operations.

Further, all slab cutting was preceded by radar scanning to ensure no active conduits would be affected by the work.

To house a new line of production equipment on the 1st floor of the plant, JE Dunn removed a large section of the existing floor slab and installed 66 helical piles in place to increase the slab capacity. JE Dunn then poured back the slab over the piles. To house a second additional production line, JE Dunn built a steel mezzanine above the new reinforced slab to support production equipment, process piping, and a mechanical room to service the area. JE Dunn worked closely with 3M’s equipment installers to deliver, set, and install the multi-million-dollar line of production equipment. JE Dunn achieved the completion date six weeks ahead of the original schedule, allowing 3M to place equipment.