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18 MWdc Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Plant

This 18 MWdc PV Solar Plant converts 160 acres of farmland to a solar electric generation facility. This project included grading and drainage of the site (80,000 CY cut to fill), installation of 13,036 pile foundations, erection of the single-axis tracker system, installation of 59,290 photovoltaic modules, installation of 12 prefabricated inverters, UG DC power lines, UG MV AC power lines, MV switch gear, two miles of project fence, and a one mile Gen-Tie connection. JE Dunn self-performed the tracker and concrete work.

At full capacity, the project supplies 15 MW(AC) to the electrical grid. This is enough power to meet the electrical needs of approximately 3,750 homes in the Southwest.