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Wayside Waifs Addition and Renovation

Dunn Project Solutions completed a 11,500-square-foot animal shelter addition and renovation for Wayside Waifs. The northwest portion of the building was renovated and expanded to provide a state-of-the-art shelter clinic to ensure the best possible care for the animals the shelter cares for and adopts to the community.

The new clinic includes a central vacuum system for grooming, resinous floors throughout the facility, tubular skylight devices in animal recovery areas to allow natural sunlight for better healing, and fenced in artificial turf next to the building to provide an area for animals in the surgery process within close proximity.

Various additional administration and shelter support areas were renovated, expanded and/or improved including the laundry room, holding areas for stray animals, and admissions area and new staff offices. The project also features a tornado shelter room with tornado resistant windows and doors capable of resisting a F2 tornado.