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ViaWest Chaska Data Center

To complete the ViaWest Chaska Data Center Upfit in Minneapolis, Minnesota JE Dunn retrofitted the existing chip manufacturing warehouse into a data center. The first phase included 42,000 square feet of raised-access floor with expansion for another 40,000 square feet. The installation included a new central plant with an indoor generator and an exterior “Super-CRAH” for high-efficient cooling. The data center equipment includes two 12.47kV GE main switchgear, a 3125kW 12.47KV MTU generator, a 2,500kW 480V Cummins generator with a step up transformer, two 750KVA Mitsubishi UPS modules, 500KVA transformers, a 15,000-gallon fuel tank with pumping system and a 200TON super CRAHs including an air-cooled chiller, buffer tank, economizer, and humidification.

Also included in the project was a 20,000-square-foot sales office remodel which included the sales lobby, offices, multiple conference rooms, including one that overlooks the data center, a cyber café, and a secure NOC entrance.