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USACE Fort Leavenworth Building 120 - Eisenhower Tower

JE Dunn completed the 237,735-square-foot renovation of the existing Building 120 - Eisenhower Hall at USACE Fort Leavenworth. The facility was designed by BDY and includes two separate buildings combined by an enclosed link. The first building houses the Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) and the second houses the General Instructional Facility (GIF).

This was a highly complex project that required extensive coordination among all team members. Temporary facilities were utilized for continuous operation of the existing library and classrooms during the renovation phase.  Additionally, there was a data center located in the center of the existing building. This remained operational 24/7 during the entire construction process.

The renovation work involved the replacement of the HVAC system with a geo-exchange system (242 geothermal wells), updating 40 classrooms, 36 of which were designed to the Classroom XXI standard, increasing seating capacity in the DePuy Auditorium, as well as power, lighting, and communication system upgrades throughout the building.

The collection at the Combined Arms Research Library is extensive and contains historic and highly classified documents. In order to allow continued use to the USACE, a temporary swing space was created that housed a condensed collection. The remaining items were housed in an off-site, secured archival site, giving the USACE Librarian quick access, as needed. In both sites, precautions were taken to ensure proper humidity and temperature control were well maintained.