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University of Nebraska at Kearney Central Utility Plant
JE Dunn built the campus-wide utilities plant and distribution system for the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The Central Utility Plant (CUP) houses four new boilers and two new chillers to serve the entire UNK campus. The campus is completely supplied with heathing and cooling from the CUP. The building totals 17,800 square feet and consists of two large plant areas, an electrical room, and occupant support areas. The site for the building was cleared of an existing building by the owner, and an existing electrical utility substation was built/moved on the site.
The building is mainly masonry construction with a front facade of brick and metal panel wall systems. Finishes in the building are industrial style with sealed concrete floors. In addition to the new CUP building, campus utility distribution for heating, cooling, power and communications were installed throughout the campus. The tunnels are cast in place concrete structures. The new steam distribution system was installed in the new and existing tunnels; the new chilled water distribution was mainly direct buried.