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United States Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center

The USPS Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center is a 937,910 SF industrial facility that includes state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical systems, extensive truck docks, loading and unloading areas, associated employee parking, and construction of office space with kitchen and a 264-seat cafeteria. JE Dunn constructed the project in joint venture with a local company. The project is the largest replacement facility for the USPS in the country and is located on a 50-acre industrial site in Philadelphia. The project included SCIF areas, administrative office areas for over 100 staff, a Network Operations Center, guard facilities, and backup generation. 

Many energy efficiencies were built in to the project including:

  • White, reflective polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roof for its energy efficiency and “cool roof” advantages reducing the cooling load on the building
  • Lighting control system to monitor and reduce electrical demand use and electrical utility costs
  • Mechanical HVAC systems implemented variable air and water flow for optimum efficiency
  • Full direct digital control system monitored energy use and optimized heating and cooling