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Parkland Hospital Central Utility Plant

JE Dunn completed the 81,000-square-foot Central Utility Plant to serve the facilities of the 64-acre Parkland Replacement Hospital. The LEED Gold facility is comprised of cooling towers, a generator building, domestic water storage, chillers, boilers and a heat pump chiller. The heat pump chiller sends free heat to the hospital while generating chilled water, resulting in significant energy and water savings.

The plant will serve as the backbone of the hospital, providing 13,000 tons of cooling, 110,000 lbs/hour of steam and 20 MW of emergency power. Regional and low-emitting materials were also used to create a safe and healthy environment for plant employees. BIM played an integral role in the success of the project and was used to uncover complex constructability issues that could have led to water leakage within the building. Additionally, the use of clash detection identified important aspects by locating underground rough-ins to support an aggressive concrete placing schedule.

The project team utilized lean construction pull planning and value engineering to improve efficiency and provide $13 million in savings from the original budget estimate to final design. The project was successfully completed under budget and six days ahead of schedule.