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National Nuclear Security Administration Campus and Data Center

JE Dunn completed the new 185-acre campus in south Kansas City, Missouri. This developer led, design-build, LEED Gold project consists of three manufacturing, one data center and one office building totaling over 1.5 million square feet situated on a secure campus.

The facility includes a 10,000-square-foot data center that consists of:

  • Electrical – 2N
  • UPS – N+1
  • Cooling - 2N
  • AHUs – N+1
  • 10,000 RAF
  • Primary Cooling - Central Utility Plant with N+1, Backup Cooling – N+1 Chiller System
  • Security – comprehensive security system with access control and intrusion detection; armed guards on site.
  • Fiber – There are three separate data systems and one VOIP system. Backbone for these four systems is 2N star topology originating in the data center with redundant fiber cables from backup location. Fiber backbone to 24 IDF rooms then distributed from each IDF to individual drops. Building 2 has approximately 10,000 SF S-1 Security area and all of Building 4 (~400,000 SF) is classified as S-1 secure space.
  • Fire Protection – pre-action
  • WSF – 125 with space to expand to 250