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Missouri University of Science & Technology Geothermal Energy System

JE Dunn constructed the Missouri University of Science & Technology Geothermal well project, which is one of the largest geothermal projects taken on to-date in the United States. The Missouri S&T Geothermal Energy Project supplys energy to 15 campus buildings and the campus chilled-water system, which serves much of the university. The system includes approximately 600 wells with pipes creating closed geothermal loops serving the three campus geothermal plants. Those plants will be housed in Emerson Hall, McNutt Hall and a new chemical and biological engineering building that will be constructed during 2013 and 2014 at 11th and State streets. Each of the three plants contains heat pump chillers, supplemental cooling towers and gas-fired boilers to provide geothermal energy to surrounding areas of campus.

The team averaged digging nine to 13 wells per day using six to seven drilling rigs. Each well is approximately 440 ft. deep. This project including upgrades to the campus with chilled and hot water loop, features more than 120 miles of new pipe in the ground.

The project will reduce the overall energy usage on campus by roughly 50 percent. In addition, the campus’ carbon footprint will be reduced by over 25,000 metric tons of C02 and water usage will be reduced by 8 million gallons per year. Initially, the system is projected to save more than $1 million in energy and operational costs annually. That savings is expected to grow to $2.8 million annually in future years.