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KC Chamber of Commerce and KCADC Office Renovations

The Kansas City Area Development Council and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce found new homes within historical Union Station in December 2010. The two organizations now occupy 36,000 square feet of space that previously sat vacant.

The relocation and renovation project became a catalyst, transforming the iconic, yet under utilized civic building into the new hub of business in downtown Kansas City. Union Station’s facilities were redesigned, enhancing the ability of the two organizations to promote and service the interests of business in the metropolitan Kansas City. The project also renewed the building’s vitality, preserving its historic character while transforming it into a first-class office environment.

Both spaces required substantial remodeling to fit the needs for the tenants, which included demolitions of existing finishes, an unused food court area converted to office space, four new sets of restrooms, new public corridors, HVAC and electrical upgrades, a new boardroom for the Greater Kansas City Chamber and KCADC, along with a contemporary color scheme. This open floor plan includes offices at the perimeter for senior management.