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Denver Police Crime Lab

This downtown facility consists of a 73,650 square-foot, three-story lab/office space with a mechanical penthouse on the roof and a partial basement containing locker rooms, firing range and mechanical and engineering rooms.

In addition, JE Dunn connected the lab to the existing police building garage at the basement level. There is a section of the existing underground parking area that was remodeled for the forensic garage area. The building accommodates on-site vehicle examinations and direct evidence delivery to the laboratory. It also unifies some investigative units that were previously scattered throughout the city.

The building is broken down into three main areas: lab space, office space and atrium space. The site work consists of a new sidewalk and a detention area with underground detention vault. The structure is constructed of above grade structural steel and cast-in-place concrete with a structural slab for the basement. The skin is composed of ground face masonry at the first floor and ACM metal panels and curtail wall for the second and third floors.