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CyrusOne Data Center

JE Dunn constructed a multi-phased, modular data center for Cyrus One. Phase I includes a 208,000-square-foot data center, the adjoining office support building, and wet and dry utilities to support the ultimate build-out.

Along with the construction of the facilities, Phase I includes installation and commissioning of the following mechanical and electrical systems:

  • Switchgear - (4) 12.47kV 1200A Sections
  • Transformers - (8) 2500kVA 480V Units {(4) on Day 1}
  • Generators - (8) 2.25MW 480V Units {(4) on Day 1}
  • IDEC AHUs - (32) 60,000 CFM Units {(4) on Day 1}
  • Air-Cooled Chillers - (8) 500 Ton Machines with integral pump package {(2) on Day 1}
  • UPS Systems - (8) 750kVA Units {(4) on Day 1}
  • Power Distribution Units - (24) 400kVA Units {(12} on Day 1}

The data center is the largest of its kind in the country with 110 megawatts of power capacity, delivered from a substation to be built on the property. Ultimate build-out will yield approximately 600,000 square feet of data center space, along with an 82,000 square feet office support building