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Cerner Corporation World Headquarters Data Center

JE Dunn completed at 110,000-square-foot, new, poured-in-place, hardened data center designed to withstand an F4 tornado. This project included the installation of 15,450 square feet of raised access floor in Phase I. The project included (8) 750kVA UPS Modules in a 2N configuration, (3) 2000 kW diesel generators with underground fuel storage, (12) 225 kVA PDU’s (power distribution units) (4) 4000A Unit sub-stations, 1480 tons of cooling capacity and (28) 30 ton CRAC units.

Upon completion, the project received great architectural reviews and accolades regarding quality and high-end finishes. Within the data center, there is a raised access floor, 6,000 KVA UPS, and an initial generator capacity of 6.75 MW and 270 W.

Nearing completion of the concrete bunker, JE Dunn broke ground on the 15,000-square-foot office area, which is a show space for the client. Guests enter on the ground level under a 25' cantilevered "jetway" into a secured lobby. The emergence of the exposed concrete wall signifies the bunkered areas. There is always a visual juxtaposition between the solid "secure" world of the bunker and the open, light glass and steel of the office and jetway. Finishes include a "security door" that weighs each visitor and allows only one person at a time to pass into the front lobby, metal ceilings from Switzerland, custom curved plaster walls, and circular meeting rooms where acoustics are a top priority. In some locations, 60" access flooring was installed to showcase systems to potential clients.


  • Concrete Promotional Group - Excellence in Concrete - 2007