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Atlanta Public Schools North Atlanta High School Remodel

Atlanta Public Schools initially recommended a three-phase plan that would encompass two summers and the school year in between. Upon review of the proposed plan, we presented a two-phase plan that encompassed only two summers, thus allowing the school to remain fully operational during the academic year.

Phase I took place during the summer of 2009 with renovations involving all areas that use the water loop system to include MEP upgrades above the ceilings, structural modifications to support new mechanical equipment, and finish work.

Phase II was completed during the summer of 2010 in only nine weeks, allowing time to move in new furniture. This second phase featured a complete renovation of several common areas, new flooring throughout all classroom spaces, and newly renovated parking lots. New bleachers and refinishing of the wood floor in the main gym were also included.

Atlanta Public Schools invited us back for a third phase, which was completed in April 2011. Synthetic FieldTurf® was added to the football field, new A/V, lighting, and seating in the theatre, reconfigured the media center, and built new structures at the entrance of the school to expand the atrium area.