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JE Dunn Construction has been hired as the project's construction manager. JE Dunn will commit to a guaranteed maximum price for the construction of the jail, according to the release.

“Left unchecked, the cost for construction projects can creep up until suddenly you’re paying 10 to 20 percent, or even 30 to 40 percent more than the original estimates. That could be millions of taxpayers’ dollars in a project the size of our jail. By hiring a construction manager, Sarpy County and the taxpayers are guaranteed a fair price that won’t grow,” said Sarpy County Board Chair Don Kelly.

JE Dunn will also be estimating, modeling, scheduling and quality assurance, then oversee the facility’s construction, which is scheduled to start in early 2021. The estimated cost for service is $4.9 million.

They will also be working with DLR Group.

“Our current jail is overcrowded and out of compliance with state standards,” Kelly said. “As Sarpy County’s population continues to grow, overcrowding is only going to get worse. Partnering with JE Dunn and the DLR Group brings together two great companies who specialize in criminal justice design and construction, and we look forward to working with them on this important project.”

Preliminary estimates put the cost of a new facility around $65-$70 million, which includes site preparation, design, and construction, and will be paid for with a portion of the county's levy and with a portion of inheritance tax revenue. Sarpy County hopes to open the new facility in the fall of 2020.