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JE Dunn Construction, the region’s largest general contractor, was one of two local construction firms that joined the hometown team Burns & McDonnell assembled last year to compete for the roughly $1 billion job of designing, building and financing the single-terminal modernization of Kansas City International Airport.

As it turned out, JE Dunn bet on the wrong horse, as the Kansas City Council voted in September to select the terminal modernization team led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate, based in Bethesda, Md.

On Wednesday, however, JE Dunn was back in the saddle after being announced by an Edgemoor joint venture team including Clark Construction Group LLC, The Weitz Co. and Clarkson Construction as the design-builder for the new terminal parking structure.

With at least 6,500 spaces planned, the parking structure — not the new terminal — is expected to be the single largest structure built as part of the project.