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Once a small surgery center in Overland Park, The University of Kansas Health System nearly tripled the size of its Indian Creek Campus. With the expansion, the campus will be able to offer more outpatient surgery services, and serve as a central location for all of the health system's women's oncology services.

"I took a wild hair one day when we were in a meeting. I said, 'you know what we could do, we could create a women's cancer center,'" Dr. Jamie Wagner, breast surgery division chief, told the Kansas City Business Journal.

It was a "pie-in-the-sky" vision she had had ever since she was in training to become a breast oncologist, leaving from the Midwest to MD Anderson. At KU Health System, with an empty building and the support of Jeff Wright, vice president of cancer services, she was able to realize her dream.

Check out the attached photo gallery to see photos of the $100 million expansion.

"I wanted to do something unique for women's cancer," Wagner said. "I really tried to help design it as if it were my sister or mother."

Wagner was deeply involved in designing the Women's Cancer Center, from the layout of services to the artwork on the walls. It will bring together breast surgical and medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, colorectal surgeons and gynecological oncologists. The hub will allow for better communication between specialists as they diagnose, come up with care plans, talk to cancer survivors and offer prevention for patients at risk of developing it.

"My ultimate goal was to get the best training and bring that back home," Wagner said. "That's why I'm so excited about this. I don't treat patients any different here than when I was practicing at MD Anderson. That's thrilling."

KU Health System broke ground on the $100 million expansion two years ago, adding a 122,000 square-foot wing to the old brick building that formerly housed Heartland Surgical Specialty Hospital.

The health system acquired Heartland in 2012, offering orthopedics and other surgical services in its seven operating rooms and 19 inpatient beds. Now, the original Heartland structure will be converted into an outpatient surgery facility, with construction starting this summer and expected to end in early 2019.

A glass tower with a rippling metal awning sets the new structure apart from the old. The expansion also adds eight operating rooms, 18 inpatient beds, new imaging equipment and interventional radiology to the Indian Creek Campus. It also has shelled-in space to accommodate future growth.

KU Health System hired JE Dunn Construction as the general contractor and Pulse Design Group as the architect for the expansion, which will open on Monday.

Building something new

Wagner said she also saw the expansion as an opportunity to build something new.

Inside the new Women's Cancer Center, genetic counselors will work with patients to understand their cancer and identify if they are at risk for developing breast, ovarian or endometrial cancer.

"There's quite a bit of overlap with breast cancer patients, ovarian and endometrial cancer. A percentage of women have a genetic disposition," said Dr. Dineo Khabele, division director of gynecological oncology. "We're coming to understand there's not just one type of ovarian cancer — there are subtypes."

Khabele was recruited from Vanderbilt University to help build out the KU Health System cancer care and research programs.

"I'm very excited," she said. "It's just a gorgeous building, and there's a lot of attention to detail."