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When JE Dunn Construction took on a large-scale renovation project inside the domestic terminal of “the world’s busiest and most efficient airport” — Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport — the project team confronted an array of policies, procedures, protocol and moving parts.

Hartsfield-Jackson’s multi-faceted, 24-hour operation daily accommodates 63,000 on-site jobs, 2,700 arriving and departing flights, and 275,000 passengers.

“This project took an extreme amount of coordination with an extreme number of stakeholders,” recalled Senior Project Manager Nick Christoffersen.

The project team was also bound by an inviolable commandment: work must minimally impact airport and airline operations. “Pardon our progress” did not apply.

Enhancing operations and customer care

Hartsfield-Jackson is pursuing a 20-year, multi-billion-dollar expansion and modernization program, including improvements to the Central Passenger Terminal Complex.

One project of the transformation involved upgrading 85 gate hold rooms and adjacent corridor areas in Concourses T, A, B and C. The project also consisted of modernizing the boarding level midpoints at Concourses T, A and B.

The two-year, $112.7 million contract to recast and brighten up the hold rooms included removing existing storefront systems and portions of exterior metal panels to install floor-to-ceiling glass, upgrade lighting, replace flat acoustical ceilings with sloped metal ceiling panels, install new carpet and repaint the hold rooms.