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s part of a year-long, $27 million project at Scottsdale Airport in Arizona, crews are redeveloping the former terminal building and adjacent office building. Construction includes a new aviation business center and two executive-size hangars that make better use of the airport property.

“After completing an update to our airport master plan and subsequent market analysis, it showed a clear need for more executive-hangar space,” said Scottsdale Airport aviation director Gary Mascaro.

Mascaro said the demand for hangar space at the airport is soaring.

“With limited land available, it was imperative that airport property be utilized as wisely as possible. This project affords us the opportunity to transform a not widely used terminal building and offer much-needed hangar space, an aviation business center and Veterans Memorial. As a general aviation airport, we do not offer scheduled or commercial airline service, so there was no need for a terminal building, but there is a need for more hangar space at our airport.”

The new aviation business center will include a public plaza, restaurant, event venue, airport administration space, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office, as well as other offices. In working on the master plan, officials wanted to not only maintain the value of Scottsdale Airport, but actually exceed it.