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Strengthening Relationships & Building a Network
JE Dunn’s women’s networking group, called Moment Connection, was established in 2016. Moment Connection strengthens relationships and builds a strong network among women at JE Dunn, while educating and equipping them for success at the same time. The name is derived from a construction term, but instead of referring to welding beams, we mean it more literally: to take a moment to connect with fellow women at JE Dunn. The group’s purpose is to foster connections and build camaraderie among women as they navigate their careers. Moment Connection helps provide women support, knowledge and ideas to help them bring their authentic selves to work each day and contribute at the highest level possible.
Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity in the workplace and on the job site is always a priority for JE Dunn. This includes not only bringing more women to the table, but also finding ways to support each other as they build their careers, whether it’s through mentoring, education, or a peer group like the one formed at JE Dunn.
Educational Programming and Philanthropy
The Moment Connection group contributes to charitable organizations, holds lunch and learn opportunities, hosts speakers and panels for education events, and participates in social and networking activities. Programs range from negotiating skills and financial fitness to golf lessons and healthy living seminars.
Moment Connection at a Glance
Taking a Moment

Formed to help women across the organization connect personally and professionally, Moment Connection continues to find new ways for our people to foster relationships while building careers at JE Dunn, giving back to communities and each other along the way.

Building Together

Our Moment Connection group in Charlotte recently attended a professional female's pop-up mentor talk with Envision Charlotte Executive Director Amy Aussieker. Amy is a local partner with JE Dunn, currently working on the City of Charlotte Innovation Barn project with our Charlotte office.

A Time to Recharge

Within our Moment Connection group, we believe in taking time to refresh and refocus our energy. This time, we took the fun to Chicken & Pickle in Kansas City - a time where we can laugh, play and continue to build strong networks. 

Exchanging Ideas

Moment Connection leaders in Austin organized a panel event where JE Dunn operations professionals Lynn Terry, Mary Kate Corrado, and Rachel Delino answered questions about being a woman in this male dominated industry.

Give Back to the Community

We rolled up our sleeves at the Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build in Denver where we helped sawcut and nail the blocking and sheathing to the prefabricated trusses for a new house. This group also cut and installed drywall sheathing for the soffits of the trusses.