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Helping others succeed in construction
When it comes to providing long-standing opportunities for diversity and inclusion, JE Dunn understands its role in helping minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBE) grow and succeed in the construction industry. Through JE Dunn’s Minority Contractor Development (MCD) program, the firm has been able to train minority and women contractors from around the country on the business and leadership skills needed to compete in the construction industry. Since the program’s inception in 2005, the MCD program has expanded into 13 different cities, trained more than 500 companies and contracted over $100 million in work with JE Dunn.
Gain support and resources from our knowledgeable professionals
Free of charge for participants, the MCD program is composed of M/WBE contractors who have been selected through an application and interview process. Not only is the program intended to prepare small businesses for success in the construction industry, but one vital purpose is to provide them with the chance to work with JE Dunn. The MCD program leaders at JE Dunn believe in creating partners for life, and this program has allowed businesses to work closely with a JE Dunn professional and gain access to additional support and resources outside of the classroom.
Go forth and succeed
The MCD program’s curriculum is structured in monthly sessions held at a JE Dunn location. The courses typically cover topics including mock bid, project leadership, estimating, policies and procedures and more. After participants have completed the training program, they celebrate their hard work with a graduation ceremony.
Fast Facts about the MCD Program
Companies trained in the last 12 years
JE Dunn offices offer the program
$150 Million
Work JE Dunn contracted with graduates