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Groundbreaking Vol 47

The last four months have been some of the most challenging; not only for the construction industry, but also for the country as a whole. There was no experience to rely on or proven steps to take when the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading quickly and shut down jobsites and cities nationwide. As builders, we’re used to defined processes and methods to achieve desired results, so this was—and remains-- new territory for all of us. Our main objective, though, stayed steady from the beginning of the crisis to today, and that is the safety of our employees and others on and around our jobsites. —Gordon Lansford, CEO

Deconstructing the Mass Timber Trend

With sustainability and green building at the forefront of design and new construction, many owners are exploring mass timber options to maintain quality while reducing their carbon footprint. Prefabricated and engineered for durability, mass timber checks the boxes when it comes to strength, acoustic, seismic, and fire performance and comes in different types. While the method depends on each project, there are some advantages and disadvantages owners must consider when planning new construction.  

Safety Always Comes Before Productivity

CEO Gordon Lansford was interviewed by the Bloomberg Law regarding the impact COVID-19 has on construction jobsites and how these restrictions will vary from city to city. “Safety always comes before productivity,” says Gordon Lansford. Click the article link to learn more about federal guidance, geographical changes, social construction, and more.