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Innovation & Emerging Technology
Building for the future with advanced technologies and innovation.
Innovation & Emerging Technology
Innovative Building Technologies
Virtual Design & Construction has revolutionized the way projects come to life before the shovels hit the ground.
It takes smart people to build smart buildings, and our dedicated Aptitude team is forging the way to smarter cities.
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Emerging Technologies
Wearable Technology

We are researching and piloting technology to assist our skilled trade workers.  This includes tool assist, personal safety, access to data as job aids, and visualization.  Specific examples include:

Exoskeletons for tool assist.

Visualization with AR platforms like Hololens.

Vest, belt, and hard hat based Iot sensors.

Wrist data collection including biometric data for exhaustion,health indicators, and others.




JE Dunn has had success utilizing robotics for custom light gauge metal framing, brick laying, and wood blocking. We have also used robotics for workflow and automation exercises. Robotic Automation leverages computer software ‘robots’ to capture, interpret, and process data to improve transactional efficiency. Robotic automation at JE Dunn is creating clear, measurable improvements in project team efficiency. 



Augmented & Virtual Reality
JE Dunn is working closely with industry leading vendors to use 3-D visualization to change our perspective. When your perspective changes, you see things never previously possible. Whether through immersive virtual or augmented reality using leading edge hardware such as Hololens, or through simple handheld mobile devices such as Google Cardboard, our clients and our employees are harnessing the power of a 3rd, 4th, and even 5th dimension. Early wins have been related to design coordination, safety, sequencing, and productivity. 
Mobile Solutions for Mobile Workforce

Our mobile solutions are unique because they are a gateway to a comprehensive data ecosphere.  We provide secure, intuitive, offline access via handheld mobile devices to not just drawings or simple project management documents, but all key data including financial, schedule, risk, productivity, photographic, and intelligence data. 

Job site Internet-of-Things

JE Dunn is on the leading edge of testing project based IoT. We utilize field sensors, internal network design, and integrated dashboards to enable smart buildings, and improve labor tracking. We are also connecting wearable and building-based sensors through innovative networking. This also enables better, more efficient labor management for our project workforce. JE Dunn is researching additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. As a part of our smart building IoT pilot, we 3-D printed internally designed housings for Raspberry PI computers for monitoring headcount in our building. And finally, our drone fleet supports our virtual design & construction teams with scanning and providing a unique, and often times otherwise impossible view, of our projects from above.