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Fostering Innovation & Creative Thinking
At JE Dunn, we believe diversity and inclusion fosters innovation and creative thinking. Our accelerated approach is designed to help our employees continue to flourish in their careers. Not only do we recognize the value of having well-rounded professionals lead a diverse set of projects, but through the collaboration of innovative thoughts and ideas, we’re able to promote a culture of inclusion where everyone feels like a valuable contributor to the company’s success. At JE Dunn, diversity and inclusion aren’t just another element for us. It’s a part of the creative culture we’re proud to be recognized for.
Workforce, Workplace, Marketplace
JE Dunn supports programs aligned under our 3-pillar strategy for diversity and inclusion: workforce, workplace and marketplace. To enhance our approach in building a diverse workforce, we partner with organizations across the nation that promote diversity and inclusion – engaging with them consistently to help us identify and attract diverse talent.
Building a Successful & Sustainable Workforce
When it comes to attracting the best talent, JE Dunn believes in building a successful and sustainable future for our workforce. That’s why we have a recruitment program solely dedicated to seeking talent at minority colleges and universities and offer scholarships for students majoring in construction. JE Dunn also supports a minority and women pre-apprenticeship program for hiring in our skilled trades and a summer internship program providing students the necessary on-the-job experience to succeed. There’s a unique power behind diversity and inclusion. It’s what fuels our drive for innovation, collaboration, and is an essential component of our human capital strategy.
Employee Spotlight
Meet Lynnsee Boyse

To celebrate Women in Construction week, we featured one of our own outstanding women in construction. Lynnsee Boyse, a senior project engineer at the Oklahoma City office, and graduate of the University of Oklahoma, shares some of her thoughts and experiences working at JE Dunn.