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Design Phase Services
Design Phase Services provides a truly collaborative preconstruction process for our clients.
Design Phase Services
See preconstruction differently through our Lens.
JE Dunn's Lens application is an innovative tool that is the most differentiating preconstruction technology in the industry today. -David Wilkerson, Autodesk Executive
Committed to helping our clients make the best decisions possible for their businesses.
We work closely with clients, design teams, and building partners to eliminate project issues before they arise.
students dining at pavilion
An eye to the future helps planning today.
To maintain our impressive track record of accurately estimating buildings' cost to +/-3%, we have to keep careful analysis of all market, supply, and materials cost trends.
Thought Leadership
See Preconstruction Differently through our Lens.

 An in depth walk through by Jason Hickam, Vice President of Design Phase Services, of this incredible technology tool and how it works for our clients. 

Lens Project Spotlight

Across the country, Lens is making an impact on high profile projects such as the sleek new Colorado Center Tower III. Get an insider look on how Lens was used to reduce project take off to a fraction of its traditional timeline. 

Q&A with Super User Holly Snow

JE Dunn's own Holly Snow answers questions about working in estimating and preconstruction, as well as using the powerful Lens tool. 

Lens Project Spotlight

By using Lens to inform design decisions quickly, the JE Dunn team was able to ultimately help the owners of 222 2nd Avenue in Nashville, Tennesee find over $2 million in savings without compromising design or building integrity.