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The challenges Science and Technology facilities present are predominately based around containment within the mechanical system. You may have heard of a “BSL-3” or “BSL-4” facility, which are designations regarding how select agents need to be handled. Agents may be a virus, bacteria, or an active pharmaceutical ingredient. The “BSL” stands for Bio-Safety Level and the number associates the protocol of how the agent should be handled.

JE Dunn has a strong resume of BSL-3 facilities including projects at Iowa State University and Texas A&M University. There are very few BSL-4 facilities around the world; these spaces deal with diseases such as Ebola and Rift Valley Fever that require specific protective measures before entering.

The food you eat to maintain nutritional balance, the doctor you visit to diagnose an illness, and the drugs you depend on for personal health, are all influenced by facilities constructed in the Science & Technology (S&T) industry. JE Dunn’s S&T portfolio is diverse, but all spaces accommodate a process toward wellbeing whether it be research, teaching, or manufacturing.