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While AR, VR, and mixed reality are all very different, each have a place and the potential to change the way JE Dunn does business, adding value from an efficiency and communications standpoint. With the introduction of the JE Dunn AR app, clients, partners, and building occupants have a new way to not only visualize the building process, but also to interact with it to see the coming reality.


Developed in-house, the AR app provides a high-level visualization of a project, including sequencing, logistics, and site impact, among other things. By simply scanning a custom target using the app, buildings come to life on mobile devices and tablets. As users continue to click targets within the app, they see the anticipated project progress from cranes going up to building completion and everything in between.


At the highest level, the AR app serves as a communication tool that changes the way we interact and connect with our clients using an emerging technology. A BIM model is created during the early planning stages and loaded into the AR App. As soon as users scan a custom—and secure—target, they can interact with the content within the app. AR mode presents a virtual model on top of a 2-D target users can view, spin around, and interact with to see sequencing and other project details in 3-D. Embedded videos or panoramic images allow users to experience the project through the eyes of a worker, giving stakeholders a unique perspective  of a project.


Today, it’s all about visualization and communication, but we believe AR will change the way we execute work in the future. Presently, we can provide clients and their customers with a 3-D look at their projects. In the future, AR can provide information to workers on the front lines with instructions on how to perform a task. Knowledge and data capture can enhance productivity tracking, change the way we train, or even support machine learning and automation. It’s all about making work more efficient by decreasing the learning curve and providing certainty of results. 


Technology is rapidly changing construction and the way companies do business. The AR app is just one way JE Dunn is leveraging it to improve communication between construction partners and owners as well as improving efficiency. Featuring milestone phasing and sequencing to panoramic street views and embedded videos, the app is changing the way users view the building process. Tough it’s constantly evolving, the sheer potential of the AR app as a differentiator is why we push to lead the way—to continue making an impact on clients and the construction industry as a whole.


Virtual reality is a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world and is great for allowing clients to visualize spaces at full scale. This aids their important decision-making to ensure needs are met before construction is complete.


Mixed reality combines elements of both where real-world and digital objects interact.


Augmented reality is similar to virtual reality but incorporates digital elements into a live view, merging the physical world with a digital element.