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I began the next stage of my career in April of this year coming to work at the JE Dunn Construction Company.  While I’ve worked with JE Dunn multiple times coming from the world of architecture and economic development, I am excited to have the chance to work for JE Dunn. Specifically, I’ll be leading the Science & Technology division efforts for the Midwest and South, in close coordination with Kevin Brettmann, Director of Science & Technology in Denver.  In my first few weeks, I’ve been given the latitude to better understand our company and I’m fortunate to have that opportunity.

JE Dunn has always prided itself on being part of the healthcare enterprise.  We work for some of the world’s largest healthcare providers providing our construction services to a multitude of different patient care facilities.  Nearly 40% of our annual revenue can be attributed to the efforts of our hard working Healthcare Group.  They are so more than just a group, and I’ll go so far as to calling them a Center of Excellence.  In order to keep that market position, we need to consider JE Dunn in the larger context of healthcare beyond just patient care at hospital and medical facilities.

If the Healthcare Division is at the end of the healthcare continuum of patient care, the Science & Technology Division is on the front end of that continuum.  Providing the facilities that facilitate research provide the first entry point in our larger efforts of health and wellness.  If an illness can’t be cured via research in a laboratory setting, it will require the care of a medical professional, the mid-point of the continuum.  The Science & Technology also focuses on teaching facilities for health professionals, giving them high performance, real world environments to learn how to deliver healthcare.

At JE Dunn, we truly have a holistic view of healthcare and are able to provide construction services that support the entirety of its continuum.  If an illness can’t be cured by research in one of our lab buildings, a well-educated doctor or specialist trained in one of our teaching facilities inside one of our hospitals or medical offices will.  I’m proud to work for a company that is not only concerned about its employee’s health, but is focused on making all the communities we work and live in healthier through the buildings we construct.